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Spinach salad–fast, healthy and tasty!

Here is a quick spinach salad that anyone can make (I can make it, is a good clue !) :

Ingredients :

  1. Pure Organic Baby Spinach, 3 oz
  2. Strawberries – Raw, 3 medium (1-1/4″ dia)
  3. Mixed Nuts (Planters – Deluxe With Sea Salt) – About 10 pieces
  4. Blueberries – 10
  5. Kraft Seven Seas – Green Goddess Dressing – 1 or 2 drops
  6. Sweet Chilli Sauce (Mae Ploy) : 1/2 tbsp (optional)

Just put out a bed of spinach on a plate. Add strawberries, nuts, blueberries and optional dressings. You can also substitute with your choice of berries and (fat free) dressing.

Spinach Salad

Spinach Salad

Nutrition Value:

  • Calories : 142
  • Carbs : 15g
  • Fat : 9g
  • Protein : 4g
  • Sugar : 8g (if you don’t add the sweet chilli sauce, 4g)
  • Sodium : 279g

Spinach is alkaline in nature and hence it is great for you if you are on a higher protein diet. This salad is great as a lunch “first step” .  Eat your grilled chicken or fish after this, and you have eaten a healthy, nutritionally balanced and filling lunch under 400 calories!

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My (current) favorite protein drink recipe

This is my current favorite protein drink recipe, in case anyone wants to try it:


  1. 1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder (I use  Muscle Tech – 100% Premium Whey Protein)
  2. 10 grams Hershey’s – Special Dark Cocoa Powder
  3. 1 cup skim milk
  4. 7 almods

Blend the above ingredients (I use Magic Bullet, but in any blender) with 2 ice cubes. YUMMY!


Nutritional values:

  • Calories : 280
  • Carbs : 26g
  • Protein : 31g
  • Fat : 7g
  • Sugar : 14g (none added, 12g coming from the milk)
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Spring is here

Here are the girls welcoming spring in their own way :

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Test from Windows Live Writer

Testing  a post from the Windows Live Writer. I had to only enable the “Blogger XML-RPC publishing protocols” and it was set to go!

I like Windows Live Writer since it enables you to write posts on your local machine and just save the draft and continue on it later on as you need.

Still trying to take care of some kinks as the WordPress theme is not working very well on the Windows Live Writer. BTW you can download the writer from : http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-live/essentials-other-programs. It is part of the “Windows Live” program suite (and is free)

Also if you have any issues with your WordPress theme while working with Windows Live Writer see this post : http://www.lehsys.com/2010/05/windows-live-writer-test/

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New site launched!

The new design for SwanandMokashi.com has been launched. We have tried to migrate all the older files over but it is possible some of the urls are not working yet. Sorry for any convenience.

Please let us know your feedback on the new design

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